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Nov 26, 2012
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Are you wanting to join the renovation businessFirstly let me say the buy, renovate and sell business isn’t for everyone. You may have heard stories that simply finding houses and “doing them up” and then flipping them is easy peasy and can be done on a weekend in your spare time… Well I want to debunk that myth.

The renovation business involves work initially, as you are just starting out you need to research, do due diligence, get the proper reports on your suburb and then spend a lot of time comparing houses and price shopping, so initially your time is spent researching property prices, attending open houses and auctions and getting experience.

Now this is not hard work, it’s just time consuming.

If you want to be “hands on” in your housing projects then the renovations will take longer, however if you’re wanting to get it done faster so it enables you to bring it to market faster then I advise you to always hire “help”.

Once you’ve renovated your first few properties it becomes a lot easier and less time consuming, and it becomes enjoyable!

So initially there is work involved however it gets easier along the way.

The renovation business is a fun business and every day is a unique one, I spend most my days checking out new properties online, then viewing them in person, I attend renovation auctions regularly and I spend a lot of my time consulting to my clients on renovating houses and selling them.

I also travel quite a bit too (usually for free on credit card points) because I spend the expenses on credit card.

By the way if you’re wanting to start in this business too, contact us today and we can help you get started finding, renovating and selling houses.

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