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May 24, 2013
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Choosing Lighting When RenovatingWell-planned lighting can even make a small space seem larger and can transform a dreary space into an inviting one. it’s important to work with your builder and electrician to make sure the lighting is adequate and well positioned when renovating or building a house.

You’ll need to select all your lighting before you start, so your electrician can install all the wiring. Think about where you want to position the switches. A two-way switch means you can turn on a light downstairs, and turn it off upstairs. A switch in a central spot provides easy access.

For a quick fix if you’re not renovating, but want to replace old fixtures with modern ones, you still need to hire a licensed electrician for technical work. If you want an instant spruce-up, use a mix of table and floor lamps around the room. You can simply create ambience and generate coziness. It also adds a fresh design element

There are several bright ideas and choices to choose from. Here are the different types:

  • Table lampsA table lamp is one of the most diverse options in the lighting world due to the endless styles, shapes and colors. Since it looks just as good day or night, it can work as a focal point in a room. Balance and scale are important when choosing a table light. A tall item looks good on a large console. A smaller version looks good on a bedside table. It’s easy to move lamps from one room to another for a quick interior revamp.

  • Pendants & chandeliersSculptural pendant lights and chandeliers create an ambient glow and come in both traditional and contemporary styles. They are excellent for a spacious living room or stairwell, because the light washes out all around. They can be used individually or by grouping pendant lights together for a more glamorous look.

  • Floor lampsDesigners have embraced this form over the past few years. They have introduced daring shapes and interesting materials. A floor lamp can not only brighten dim corners, it can work as task lighting. Proper positioning makes it great for reading a good book.

  • Down lightsThese are overhead, recessed halogen bulbs. They are long-life, unobtrusive and a super-chic lighting choice. To suit any room of the house, they now offer different finishes and shapes. Space recessed lights placed at regular intervals around the ceiling, can create an even glow throughout the entire room and can brighten a kitchen or living area.

  • Wall lightsThe wall light has become a valuable addition to the lighting collection. A pair of wall lights positioned at both sides of the mirror bathroom are a favorite. They shine onto the face, and make it easy to apply make-up or shave. Wall lights become even more practical when used as a dimmer switch. They work as task lights in the bedroom and are great for late-night reading. Recessed wall lighting positioned low on the wall provides subtle illumination to highlight the steps of a stairway.
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