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Jun 29, 2013
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Eight Tips to Renovate for LessHomes will always hold their value as shelter, sanctuary and the place to relax. Improvements will increase the value of your house whether you plan on selling now or years into the future. These tips will increase not only buyer appeal, but will increase the quality of your daily home life.

  • Create space- Being clutter-free is one way to increase space. You can do it yourself or pay an organizer. This brings peace of mind but improves your property value. Clean rooms with empty spaces on neat, tidy shelves will give the impression of space and organization.

    Another way is by knocking out non-structural walls or removing space barriers like kitchen island benches. This will make your home appear larger than it really is.

  • Improve the Landscaping- If you have tangled trees and unkempt gardens, you can obscure the view, make interiors appear darker, and block a good look at the house. Landscaping is an investment that is one of the lowest-cost, highest return makeovers.

    Gardens should relate to their associated architecture and surroundings. You can create that indoor-outdoor effect by reflecting items from inside such as a favorite pot or wall color into the garden.

  • Let in the light- A home bright from natural light looks larger. Natural light brightens up any home, and it saves on energy bills. Simply cleaning the windows or rethinking window dressings helps. You can install extra windows or swap solid doors for French doors.

  • Reduce home’s energy and water bills- Energy efficiency pays back in lower ongoing costs. It’s easy to turn a house into a model of green efficiency, which will lower your electricity, gas and water bills and help the planet. The Federal Government has enticing rebates to insulate homes.

  • Makeover front entrance- First impressions count! Make sure your front door isn’t chipped or dirty. You can add a new outdoor light, mailbox, or a shiny house number to transform it. The front door and entrance are visual cues to attract people to a home.

  • Upgrade floors- Floors get worn over time. They can make a huge visual impression on a house. It’s easy to undervalue the materials you’re standing on. Thoroughly clean floors to make a house look brighter, larger and more attractive.

    Simply repairing broken tiles, patching damaged floors, and removing old wall-to-wall carpeting will help.

  • Simple kitchen and bathroom makeovers- Clean the grout around tiles is one of the best improvements any homeowner can make. It’s inexpensive and only requires a bit of elbow grease. It also helps to remove rust stains, apply fresh sealant around wet areas and update the toilet roll holders, towel holders, shelving or toilet seat.

    In the kitchen stick to cosmetic upgrades until you are ready to have a professional renovation take place. Simply changing the handles on the kitchen doors will modernize easily.

  • Improve wall appearance- A fresh coat of paint is a cheap way to makeover a house. It gives it new life. If you’re getting ready to put a house up for sale, painting gives you the most bang for your buck.

    Choosing neutral colors will give maximum buyer appeal. It’s important not to scrimp on painting or tackle it yourself, unless you’re prepared. Sometimes it’s worth paying a pro to paint, refresh and transform the house and make first impressions positive.

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