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May 31, 2013
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Kitchen Appliances in RenovationsDue to innovation and technology, current appliances can certainly make cooking a breeze. The latest products are smarter, faster and more energy-efficient. Sleek designs and contemporary finishes add an ultra-glamorous look.

Here are some of the options that will make your kitchen smarter and faster:

  • Stove tops- The gas stove top gives instant, easily controlled heat and is a favorite for home cooks and celebrity chefs. The electric stove top is fast, energy-efficient and has virtually no dirt traps. Select a ceramic glass or induction cook top for a streamlined look.The induction stove top, which uses a magnetic field to transfer heat straight to the base of the pot, is one of the smartest and fastest appliances now on the market. It keeps the stove top relatively cool. They heat up faster than gas or other electric varieties and offer more sensitive heat control. You may need to upgrade your cookware. The base has to be made of a ferrous metal, such as steel, iron, or cast iron.

  • Ovens- An oven is generally positioned under the stove top to improve functionality and is available in gas or electric. Another option is an upright which can be installed into a cabinet at eye-height for easy viewing of dishes that roast or rise.Cleaning systems are one of the greatest breakthroughs in the oven world. The latest self-cleaning functions prevent messy cleaning. They work by heating an empty, dirty oven up to 500 degrees Celsius and burning off any remaining grease or grime for simple wipe out.

    Steam ovens that use water vapor to cook food, are a fast and healthy way to cook. They seal in flavors and vitamins. The food absorbs only the moisture, so food is never over-cooked. Similar to modern ovens, many steam ovens provide a steam-clean function.

  • Freezers and Refrigerators- With advances in design and technology the refrigerator can add a sparkling touch to your makeover. The current choices now use 30% less electricity than models built 10 years ago.

    For a family-size unit, a side-by-side provides extra freezing capacity. You can even find double side-by-sides, with two fridges atop two separate slide-out freezer drawers

    Stainless steel is still the most popular finish. With a fingerprint-proof innovation it provides easy cleaning and prevents scratches.

  • Dishwashers- Quieter and more energy-efficient dishwashers have become a must-have appliance. Used properly, dishwashers are generally more water and energy efficient than dishwashing by hand.Finishes include white or stainless steel, but cabinet panels can be used for an integrated effect, to make the surface blend with the rest of the cabinetry.

    Compact dishwashers are now on the market and are a favorite option for when renovating a small kitchen or apartment.

    Latest choice options offer different configurations and clever ergonomic design. One example of this is that when a wider dishwasher is positioned slightly higher, it can help ergonomically because packing and unpacking doesn’t involve bending and stretching.

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