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Apr 3, 2013
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Kitchen Makeovers on a Small BudgetObviously, you can’t afford many tradesmen on a small budget. Still, with a little determination and elbow grease, you can give your kitchen a makeover for approximately $500. Here are a few things you can do that are inexpensive

Paint- Paint is can give an instant crisp, fresh feel to a tired kitchen. Job specific paints are available. Make sure you use the right paint for the right job.

  • Tile paint- This freshens up the kitchen wall tile. You can find a gloss tile paint that can be tinted to your choice of color. It is not heat resistant, so check temperature behind your stove.
  • Appliance paint- If your fridge is looking bad and you can’t afford a new one, get appliance paint. You need patience and you have to prep. It comes in both paint cans and spray cans. Spray cans are quicker, but runs are an issue. Appliance paint that is rolled onto the appliance will give thicker coverage.
  • Wall paint- Light, bright colors that are clean and cheerful in a kitchen. They can give your kitchen a fresh new look. You can add contrast colors using fruit bowls, tea towels, posters, artworks, colored glass on the window sill, etc. There are endless options.

Kitchen Taps- This doesn’t have to cost much. New taps are available from about $40 or you can find discontinued lines that are on special. They won’t last forever, but you should get a few years out of it, and you can put it in yourself.

Cabinet Handles- Cabinet handles and drawer pulls are a quick fix in the kitchen. Just take one off and measure the distance between the screws. There are a lot of inexpensive handles available at local hardware stores

Adding Storage- You rarely have enough storage in older kitchens. If you have extra wall space, get floating wall shelves. They have hidden fixings and can provide a space for pretty accessories, cook books, spices or anything you want on show. They are available in different lengths and colors.

Resurfacing the Floor- Does it need a bit of help? Timber floors can be painted, concrete can be polished or you can try for an off cut or roll end of vinyl. Floors get a lot heavy use, painted surfaces will wear, even if you use paving paint. Cheap fixes will only be temporary, but they might just get you through until you can afford better.

Lighting- Replace the old pendant light with a contemporary chandelier or lampshade. If you are really creative you could even make your own chandelier with a frame from and some bright beads. Get some strip lighting for your overhead cupboards or task lighting for your work areas. Get extendable light kits so you don’t need and electrician. Alternatively an up light is always a good choice. They have a dimmer and give ambient light reflected off the ceiling

Window Dressings- Grab a new blind for the kitchen window. It can be a white slatted blind for good light and privacy control. You might want a sunscreen roller blind so you can still see out but glare is reduced and you have privacy. Grab some off the shelf sheers from a discount outlet. These can be shortened or just looped up with a tie back. If you have some fabric on hand that you love, hem it all round, put up a curtain rod and use clips to create a unique curtain for the room.

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