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Apr 12, 2013
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Kitchen Storage Renovations Options

Adequate storage is essential to make a busy kitchen work efficiently. Here are a few tips that will minimize clutter and help keep everything at your fingertips.

  • Drawer Options- If you don’t have adequate storage, an abundance of kitchenware, food items and small appliances can turn your kitchen into a clutter zone.The modern style is to utilize drawers instead of cabinets for, virtually everything. Innovative drawer units offer various sizes and styles to meet all size needs.

    Pots and pans, small appliances, dinnerware and cutlery can now be stored in drawers. You can even use an innovated “junk drawer” that has separate compartments to minimize mess.

    Soft-closing mechanisms for doors and drawers are available. They prevent slamming, improve the longevity and can be retrofitted on any door with new hinges.

  • Pantry options- You can tailor a pantry to suit the layout and your requirements. When designing or remodeling, it must have good ventilation and low humidity.For a small kitchen, a slender pull-out pantry can keep all items at hand. For a large family kitchen, a walk-in pantry or a wide floor-to-ceiling pantry is ideal.

    Refit an unused corner space, replacing it with a rotating lazy susan unit for easy access to food items to utilize more pantry space.

  • Organization Options- A pantry can be awesome if everything is clearly visible and within easy reach. Deep shelves mean that little used items get pushed to the back. Designers have solved these problems. U-shaped shelving and shallower shelves now help keep everything in sight.

    In small spaces, racks can be attached to the inside walls or backside doors of the pantry. To keep everything neat and organized use baskets, drawers, air-tight and stackable containers.

    Having a bin fitted inside a cabinet is a great way to keep the kitchen clean and the counter tops tidy. If you have the room, multiple bins can be used to separate rubbish and recyclables.

    You need a place to keep small appliances near at hand yet out of the way such as: coffee maker, toaster, juicer, food processor, etc. An appliance corner is a dedicated cupboard where all these necessities are kept. This means the appliance can be ready to go in seconds.

  • Recipe Storage Options- Some people store recipes by having bits of paper shoved in the back of drawers, ripped out recipes from a magazine or newspaper, or on cards with nowhere to file them. A simple solution is to buy a folder and divide it into sections. You can put the recipe into a plastic sleeve and file accordingly.Consider having your favorites laminated so the page becomes stiff and is easy to stand up on the counter top.

    You can make a separate folder for menus when you want to give yourself a break from cooking. Also create a folder for appliance instruction manuals. They seem to disappear mysteriously.

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