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Apr 15, 2013
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Lighting for Every Room in the HouseDifferent lighting needs are required for different rooms. It takes a little trial-and-error to get them just right. Here are some tips to help you do it:

  • Lighting for the Living Room- This is usually the largest space in the house. It is used in many different ways, therefore, it needs a mixture of ambient, accent and task lighting.
    Ambient lighting can be recessed down lights, pendant lights or even a chandelier if you have enough head height.

    A great option for accenting artwork, while a floor lamp can face a large painted wall to reflect soft light back into the room is a wall light. A dimmed floor or table lamp will provide enough illumination to navigate the room safely and won’t interfere with your viewing when watching TV.

    If you love to relax and read, or sew or knit in the living room, task lighting is essential. Both table lamps and floor lights can be well positioned to brighten specific areas.

  • Kitchen A kitchen is the most used room in the house, so its lighting needs to be able to suit its many uses. Preparing food requires bright task lighting. The stove top, sink and counters need to be clearly lit while you are creating your latest recipes. Recessed down lights in the ceiling or spotlights with adjustable heads can be positioned for good directional lighting. Include a bright stove top light with the extractor fan over the stove top to assist in food preparation. Concealed fluorescent strip lights to brighten any dark shadows can be used if you have cabinets over counter tops.More ambient light is required when the kitchen is used for dining. A series of pendant lights creates an intimate pool of light right where over the eating area. Dimmers should be used to turn down the wattage once the cooking is completed. For a romantic dinner, you can turn off all the lights and break out the candles for extra ambience.

    During the day, a large ceiling or pendant light can brighten the kitchen area. You could use a set of three over the island bench for a contemporary look. A selection of task, accent and ambient lighting with dimmers will provide a full range of illumination, regardless of the many ways you use your kitchen.

  • BathroomFunctional lighting is the way to go in bathrooms. It shouldn’t be at the expense of mood lighting. Recessed down lights can illuminate the space with even bright light. This can often making a small room seem larger. A dimmer switch can help soften the glow if you need to relax and enjoy a long soak in the bath.You can alleviate shadows cast over your face by not placing a light positioned directly overhead and above a mirror. Instead, position two wall lights on either side of the mirror. They come in handy when shaving or applying make-up.

    Certain regulations apply for bathrooms regarding where you can position lights, so make sure your planning considers safety first. You can find stylish choice of lighting for use in bathrooms where each light is needed.

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