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Apr 22, 2013
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Materials for Renovating your FlooringFlooring choices can be difficult to make. When it comes to high-traffic areas, you will require flooring that is hard-wearing yet is still visually attractive. The flooring you choose will need to handle the muddy feet of children and pets, and also handle the wear and tear of everyday life for years to come without becoming frayed, scuffed, or worn.

There are any number of materials you can choose to place under foot. While some will sacrifice everything for style, that is not the best choice. Style is important, but there are other things you need to consider. One is our environment. You want to choose a material that is environmentally friendly to do your part to help save the planet.

You don’t have to choose one or the other. There are many great options that are both stylish and won’t harm the environment you live in. Here are some of the most contemporary and eco-friendly options on the market today:

  • Laminate— This is a mix of synthetic materials with natural and recycled ingredients. Laminate combines them to become hard-wearing, and scratch, stain and fade-resistant. This type of flooring has the appearance of warm timber flooring, but it is actually a wood grain pattern encased within an extremely durable clear laminate layer. It is also possible to get laminate flooring that looks like stone, concrete or tile.These floors have easy installation and can usually be simply clicked together. They create one of the most durable surfaces available once put in position, and can be walked on immediately after the installation is complete.Laminate is generally cheaper than solid timber flooring. It still provides similar clean lines and a warm feel.
  • Vinyl— Vinyl flooring comes in a wide variety of designs, is durable, and affordable. Usually it is supplied in rolls or tiles. It’s a great selection for people with allergies, because it’s easy to clean and doesn’t harbor dust mites.Recently, there has been an explosion of designs with such diverse options as timber, metallic, limestone, glass, floral and fluorescent styles. When used with a thick underlay, it gives a soft feel under your feet. This is wonderful if small children are in the house.
  • Bamboo— The new shining star of flooring is Bamboo flooring. This type of flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly products. Bamboo grows quickly and can be harvested every couple of years. It has a warm and rich color that is uniform throughout the room.The fact that it can be coated prior to installation is a major advantage. This means there are no fumes released inside your home. It can be easily cleaned with a slightly damp mop. Bamboo is also dust mite-resistant and it adds a warmth and opulence to any room.
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