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Jun 3, 2013
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Options for Renovating Your RoofIf you’re planning a total renovating of your home, some people like to work from top to bottom. Consider the room the “bottle top” of your home. Your home isn’t complete without one, and it’s the most important part of a structure. Without the roof, the floors and walls would rot away. No one wants that. Usually, a home owner can’t see the roof of their home unless they climb on top or go over to a neighbors’ home and view from a distance. Often we tend to ignore any leaks or problems. Before we know it, they are staring us in the face. We find we have leaks or rusted gutters. If you don’t want to have that happen, here are a few things you can choose to do to renovate an old roof:

  • Restoration You may want to extend the life of your roof by restoring with a roof restoration company before it deteriorates. For tiled roofs, restoration is largely appropriate. For metal roofs, however, although you can replace certain sheets rather than the entire roof, it is easier to replace an entire roof at once. This beats frequent patching. If your tiled requires re-bedding and re-pointing, roof restoration is commonly performed. You can determine this if you have broken and chipped tiles or have faded tiles. If you have grime that has built up on your roof, you can use high pressure cleaning can be done to remove it. This will affect the appearance of your home. A treatment can be applied to remove algae, moss and lichen in some cases. The green lichen growing on some tiles is a natural phenomenon. It actually does little harm to your roof. You may decide to rejuvenate the appearance of your roof by repainting it if your roof is serving its practical role of protecting your home from the elements, but the color leaves a little to be desired.

  • Repairs Urgent repairs are needed for any roof that is leaking or sagging. If you have a metal roof, it might require sheet replacements or re-nailing. If you have a tiled roof, you usually need to replace cracked or damaged mortar and tiles. If you have rusted surfaces or valleys on your old metal roof, you may need to replace. You can contact a roof plumber to identify the source of the problem and repair it for you. The roof repairer or plumber may have to come back on numerous occasions to completely fix the problem, because it can be difficult to identify where your roof is leaking. This can be costly

  • Replace Re-roofing is the only option if your roof is beyond restoration. This means you’ll have to totally replace your existing roof with a new roof. It is obviously going to be the most expensive way to revamp your roof. It may, however, cause the value and benefits you get in return to outweigh the cost. To avoid possible condensation issues in your roof cavity, you may want to install a breathable membrane rather than one that is non-breathable sarking when you replace a roof. If you’re already going to go through the expense of re-roofing, you may want to consider insulation, ventilation and skylights.
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