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Nov 26, 2012
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Are you wanting to renovate houses for a living??

Over the last 30 years I have renovated houses myself and taught the skill of renovation to thousands of students and the process is quite easy to understand once you’ve done a few renovations.

It is important however to get advice from the right people in the renovation business as the costs involved in buying property and renovating are quite substantial, and if you’re not getting advice then there’s a good chance you are paying more than you should for the property, for the renovation suppliers, to the tradies and to all other expenses associated with renovating property for a living.

Firstly starting in the renovation business doesn’t have to cost you a lot of funds, you can start using other peoples funds.

Sound good?

People can start the following ways using OPM (other people’s funds):

  1. Get loans from the bank, banks will happily lend funds for property and this is where most banks thrive!
  2. Get a construction loan; once you have acquired the property then apply for a construction loan, these are loans where the bank lends you funds so you can make structural renovations like adding rooms, verandas and other improvements.
  3. Ask your friends and family!
    These people will help out and get equity share in the property and in exchange you do the renovation! It’s a win win for everyone.
  4. Use advanced negotiation strategies; try extending the settlement date, allow for immediate access and minimum deposit. The property market is tough! And people wanting to sell their house urgently tend to be very flexible when it comes to the conditions of the sale.

There are many other ways to start in the renovation business with little capital. We cover this more in depth in our live renovation training courses.

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