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Jun 26, 2013
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Renovating Lighting in an Eco-Friendly WayThere are a lot of reasons to make the lighting in your home eco-friendly. You save money, help the environment, and still select an option that is stylish, long-lasting and will give your home a beautiful ambience. The move to low energy lighting can reduce household lighting bills by 66% and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Everyone wants to save money and should do their part to help save the planet. Here are a few eco-friendly light options:

  • Natural light- The easiest, cheapest way to light your house is to utilize natural light. Painting interior walls in light tones make them brighter. Well-placed mirrors can make a room seem larger and reflect natural light. You may benefit by replacing windows with larger, modern windows or even glass doors if you have an older house with small windows.Windows that admit plenty of natural light are the best place for work areas, like desks, kitchen counters and sinks. Dark areas can be illuminated beautifully by adding skylights or sky tubes. It’s easy to forget about curtains and blinds and leave them closed all day. Opening them allows warming, free, natural light to enter the house.

  • Fluorescent lights- Actually, the classic fluorescent tubes are energy efficient. They’re cost more but last up to 10 times longer than the incandescent ones. You can’t use them in all areas of the house, but recessed tubes in kitchens, bathrooms or over desks create an even, white light.

You can also get compact fluorescent lights. These have the advantages of fluorescent lights smaller and easier-to-use. They cost more, but they use less electricity and last longer. You will save money in the long term by using them.

Special fittings are required to run fluorescent tubes. They fit in lamps, ceiling lights, pendants, wall lights or anywhere where you want a light. Advances in technology means that some now can be used with dimmer switches.

  • LED- LED stands for light-emitting diode. This lighting is considered the choice of the future. They last up to 10 times longer than conventional lighting. They also use less electricity and have no mercury in their production.You can use LEDs are everywhere. Maintenance and replacement is minimal due to their longevity. They are the most expensive option, but as technology advances and demand increases, cost will go down.

  • Solar garden lights- The beauty and convenience of solar-powered garden lights are being discovered by more and more people. They light paths, driveways or are simply a decorative effect. They energy into a battery during the day in a small solar panel. They automatically turn on when it gets dark, so you simply set and forget.They have soft and gentle light with an effect that is wonderful. They can be placed wherever you want, because they need no wiring. Small, cheaper models last for a few hours after sundown. Larger sturdier lights will keep your garden lit until you go to bed.
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