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Jun 23, 2013
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Renovating your Floors with CarpetYou may want a plush, deep pile that creates a sense of quiet indulgence or maybe a hard-wearing, easy-to-clean surface where the kids can play. Either way, carpet is a luxurious yet practical floor covering that looks and feels great. Carpet is helps to prevent slips and falls. It also insulators that reduces noise levels while saving you money on heating and air-conditioning bills.

Carpet is a great choice. Here are a few tips to help you decide what to buy:

  • Current trends- The hot topic in the carpet scene is texture. They include cut-and-loop piles with an artistic look, oversized loop piles soft to the touch, and dense velvety plush piles that give an appearance of glamour and sophistication.Patterned carpet has made a strong resurgence recently. Bold floral and graphic flourishes transform carpets to artistic wonders that would look just as good on your wall as on your floor.

    Loops and level-cut loops carpeting embraces a natural, earthy feel. It’s a much more contemporary look than the plush pile of the ’90s.

    Natural inspiration using neutral tones bring pure warmth to a room, and help hide away any dirt or stains.

  • Materials
    • Wool— is non-allergenic, long lasting and luxurious underfoot. It is a natural, sustainable, biodegradable product. That makes it a very green choice that is still luxurious.
    • Nylon—is often used in a wool-nylon mix. It is hard-wearing and great for high traffic areas. It is more colorfast against cleaning and abundant sunlight.
    • Polyester—It is very affordable. It may need to be replaced sooner than other options. It’s a smart option if you have pets, because it’s easy to clean.

  • Colors
    • Light colors— These help to open up a room. They give a sense of space to even a compact area. Lighter tones do show up stains, so they are best suited to low-traffic areas like bedrooms and studies. If you want furniture, artwork or wall color to be the center of attention, neutral carpet is the perfect base.
    • Darker colors— These are great in high-traffic areas, because they camouflage stains and marks.
    • Patterned carpet— This can be as subtle or bold as you choose. It needs to complement the tone of the room. Be sure it doesn’t overpowering everything in it.

  • Types

    There are basically two types of carpet available today and they come in long and short varieties. They are:

    • Woven— This is made on a loom in the traditional way. You’ll find it has a large variety of colors, designs and patterns to choose from. The yarn for woven carpets is colored all the way through. This makes the carpet highly resistant to bald spots in high-traffic areas.
    • Tufted— It is created by pieces of yarn being pushed through backing material and glued in place. The yarn is usually white and then dyed to the required color and design.
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