Here's the Secret to Making Massive Profits
Finding, Renovating, and Selling Homes with
No Special Skills, Education, or Start-up Money!

Do you want to join the ranks of wealthy real estate investors?
Do you want to acquire wealth quickly – in months instead of decades?
Do you want ditch the office for work that's truly exciting?
Do you want to live the lifestyle you want NOW and still retire early?

Buying, renovating, and selling property GUARANTEES MASSIVE PROFITS if it's done right. And I'm going to tell you exactly how to do it the right way.

Hi, I'm Peter Sun. Over the last 30 years I have renovated houses and re-sold them for profit. I did the renovations myself at first, and learned the ins and outs of the business – what renovations bring the most money, the best way to find distressed properties and negotiate incredible deals, and how to market the property to get the maximum price!

I learned the hard way, but you don't have to.

I decided I wanted to start doing seminars to teach these valuable skills to business-minded people who were smart enough to realize the traditional office job + late retirement plan NEVER gives people the life they want. People like you, who want to enjoy life NOW and build real wealth as well as spend more time with family.

One day I was giving a seminar and I realized I could reach even more people by creating an audio program so anyone, anywhere, could “attend” the course! That's when I developed Renovation Blueprint.

Renovation Blueprint is a complete guide for beginner and intermediate renovators on how to start renovating houses for massive profits and make money in real estate investment. This six-part audio program covers the most important aspects of finding, buying, renovating, and selling real estate for profit and is aimed at answering some of the most common questions beginners have.

You will learn:

  • The tricks of the trade for finding hot undervalued properties and getting them for less than market value
  • How to renovate the property the RIGHT way to add REAL value
  • The mistakes even seasoned property investors make and how to avoid them
  • How a simple renovation choice can make you (or cost you) thousands of dollars
  • The 2 BIG secrets to selling your property for more than it's worth
  • Much, much more!

What makes this program different is that it lets you in on a key secret to making REAL money in the home “flipping” business – the renovation. Other programs will tell you how to buy and sell, and this program does outline that for beginners, but the real secret is in how you spend your renovation money.

I already know Renovation Blueprint will make me wealthy,
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Serious thought and energy has to go into your renovation in order for you to see the big money payoff. But you MUST make smart choices or it's a complete waste of money and time!

Here's a story that shows what I mean. The guy who owned the house down the road from me decided to buy his neighbor's house to renovate and sell. He bought into the hype about all the money being in the bathroom and kitchen (television shows are created and books are written around this one idea). So in order to make the bathroom luxurious and spa-like, he took out one of the small bedrooms to expand the bathroom. This guy really went for it – he spent tons of money on top-of-the line stuff like a jet tub and pricey tiles – the works. It was really beautiful.

He couldn't sell the house.

Here's why: the bathroom was so far above and beyond the rest of the house that it made everything else look shabby by comparison. The bathroom was so big after the renovation that it was intimidating and felt exposed (not a feeling you want in a bathroom)!

He spent so much on these high-end products that he had to raise the price above market value for his area just to see a profit. Also, the loss of the third bedroom changed the comparables – meaning when realtors evaluated the home's value they compared it to other two-bedroom homes in the area, which of course sold at a lower price than larger, three-bedroom homes.

So, after a ton of money and work, this guy ended up with an overpriced, two-bedroom house with a beautiful (but inappropriate) bathroom, and 15 months worth of mortgage payments because he couldn't sell it.

He did finally sell the place – to another property flipper who down-sized the bathroom, added the bedroom back, and spent the rest of his renovation budget taking the whole house to the next level. This new guy sold properly renovated house about two weeks.

It's not how much money you spend on renovations, but where you spend it that counts.



Beginners and even established property investors make a costly mistake that's on the opposite end of the example above – they think a renovation means just slapping on a fresh coat of paint, switching out appliances and fixtures, and planting some flowers in the yard.

This is a BIG MISTAKE!

Not that you shouldn't paint the walls or switch out the appliances. Not that you shouldn't make the yard look appealing. But just doing a quick cosmetic clean-up and then calling it a day is a sure-fire way to waste an opportunity to make real money.

Think of it this way: you've gone to the trouble to purchase the property at a good price.  You're going to go through the work to market and sell the property. Why not get the most profit out of it for your troubles?

When you take a shortcut and do the minimum improvements, you can only ask slightly more for a property. (Buyers aren't stupid; they can spot a shoddy cover-up job a mile away). However, when you take the extra time to make real improvements through smart, targeted renovations, you make a bigger profit with only slightly more effort.

This one secret is the difference between being rich and being poor.

It's a simple equation. More money for less work means you have more time to make more money. It's no secret! A specialist who makes $120 per hour is wealthier than a guy who makes $10 per hour, and he works less in the bargain! If you make 50K profit from a house you're going to be wealthier than someone who makes 10K profit from a house. And the way to make that bigger profit is through smart renovations that maximize the ROI, or return on investment.

Below is a chart that outlines this concept and shows you EXACTLY HOW MUCH PROFIT YOU LOSE FROM BAD RENOVATION CHOICES! Let's say there are two property renovators just starting out, Investor 1 and Investor 2. Both buy a house for the same price and have the same renovation budget. Investor 1 spends his renovation money poorly, making bad decisions and therefore only doubles his initial renovation budget when he sells the house. Investor 2 makes smart renovation decisions and triples his return on investment. 

Project 1 Investor 1 Investor 2
Home Cost 300K 300K
Reno Budget 10K 10K
Home Value 330K 340K
Profit 20K 30K

When you look at the home value, it's not much of a difference. Investor 1 sold his for 330K and Investor 2 for 340K.  But watch what happens over the course of the next two projects, assuming each investor uses all his profits from the preceding project to renovate the next one. Remember, Investor 1 is continuing to make bad renovations, doubling instead of tripling his return on investment each time.

Project 2 Investor 1 Investor 2
Home Cost 400K 400K
Reno Budget 20K 30K
Home Value 460K 520K
Profit 40K 90K

By only the second project, with all things being equal except Investor 2's renovation skills, he is already 50K ahead! The system continues, each investor buys a better house and puts all the profits from the previous project into renovations. Once again, Investor 1 has not learned his lesson and makes poor renovation choices.

Project 3 Investor 1 Investor 2
Home Cost 500K 500K
Reno Budget 40K 90K
Home Value 620K 860K
Profit 80K 270K

After only 3 projects, Investor 2, who made good renovation choices, is 190K richer than Investor 1. Both had the same start-up money. Both bought their houses at the same price. Both sold their houses right after the renovation was finished.

The only difference that brought in the BIG BUCKS,
was knowing how to renovate correctly.

Don't let bad renovations rob you of profits or put you out of business. Or, worse yet, COST you money. Invest in your education by letting an expert show you how. Order Renovation Blueprint at a DISCOUNTED PRICE and start your renovation business the smart way.

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A bad renovation can cost you THOUSANDS! You truly can't afford to
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When I give a seminar on buying to renovate and sell, I always get people asking the question: “What if I don't have any start-up money?” See, everyone thinks that to get started in this business you need $50-$100,000 stashed in a bank. This just isn't true. Many, if not most, property investors got started using OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY!  I'm completely serious.

I know a bloke who started a multi-million dollar property renovation business with just $1000. He did this by getting 5 coworkers to join him. They each put in $1000 towards a down payment on a run-down home in their neighborhood and got it for an incredible deal.

After work and on weekends they would go and fix it up. They had a grand time, even had the families come and barbeque and they taught the kids some skills. They all chipped in equally for supplies and to meet the ridiculously low mortgage payments. In a few months they sold the property for a good profit. A couple guys bowed out after the sale, but it didn't matter anymore because there was enough profit to buy the next house.

Within a couple years this guy quit his job, was hiring contractors to do the renovations.
A couple years after that, he bought out his partners and now he's a millionaire! 
Just with $1000 dollar start-up cash and a plan.

That's what's so great about the property renovation business. It's so beginner-friendly. So many other businesses require start-up capital, but property renovation is accessible to everyone because the financing structure is already in place.

Here are some ways to

Get a loan from the bank.
Banks make billions of dollars on home loans, so it's a lucrative business for them. As long as you don't represent a huge risk, they'll be hungry to approve your home loan. Look at this excerpt from The New York Times online article:


…The banks benefit because they act as middlemen in the mortgage machine. Instead of holding on to new mortgages that earn interest over a number of years, banks sell nearly all of them to investors after packaging them into bonds. The federal government, through entities like Fannie Mae, attaches a guarantee of repayment on the loans, making the bonds even more attractive to the investors.

When the banks sell the mortgages as bonds, they do so at a profit. In the first half of 2012, Wells Fargo reported gains of $4.83 billion when originating mortgages, a 155 percent increase from $1.89 billion in the first half of 2011. JPMorgan's mortgage production revenue was up 70 percent…

Banks See Home Loans as Gateway to Big Gains by Peter Eavis

Yes, the banks are making a killing on mortgages, but you don't hold onto the property long enough for that to be your problem. That's why property investors can get rich so quickly – if done right, they get in and get out, making almost instant profits.

Explore unconventional finance opportunities.
Distressed properties, historic homes, and homes in urban areas may qualify for special financing from agencies other than banks. Creative financing can give access to an untapped financial resource!

Get a construction loan.
Once you've purchased the home, you can apply for a construction loan to give you the money for the big renovations! The banks are willing to loan you money to make improvements to the property because the property becomes more valuable as a result of the renovations and the house itself serves as collateral (that's technical talk for, “the bank has everything to gain.”) When you sell the house you pay back the loan, make your credit look amazing, and you build a relationship with the bank for next time.

Form a company.
Just like in the story above, you can get several people together and start and investment group. It sounds intimidating to the novice, but it's a simple process. While it's true you have to divide the profits, having a group of people share the up-front expense is a good way to get started in the real estate market. You can include family and friends or professionals like contractors, decorators, and real estate agents – or do a combination of both!

Refuse to pay a down payment or closing costs.
That's right, I said REFUSE! Successful real estate investors always remember that profit is a numbers game. If you don't have the down payment and can't afford the closing costs, only buy houses where the seller accepts that as terms of the sale. Motivated sellers (a nice way to say, “desperate” sellers) are always out there, especially in a buyer's market. Don't let your emotions get in the way – make the numbers work for you. If they don't, walk away.

I outline these and other strategies for using other people's money
in Renovation Blueprint I promise you, they really work!



The slow housing market is another big concern for people who attend my seminars. They are scared to make a go of it, they're afraid they're going to get stuck with a house they can't sell. And this is what I tell them: Buying property for renovation is ALWAYS a good idea.

Here's why:

It is the best buyer's market in decades.
Sometimes buying a house isn't just about the asking price. In a buyer's market, where sellers are very motivated, you can often negotiate the conditions of the sale to your advantage. As mentioned above, you can try for no money down, get the appliances included, or even get the seller to pay for repairs!

There are tons of cheap properties.
A buyer's market always means there are more homes under foreclosure. Banks don't want to deal with these properties – taxes, maintenance, association fees, possible damage due to break-ins or weather – it all just cuts into the bank's profits. This means you can get decent properties well below market value.

There's more than one way to make money with a renovated property.
When the economy slows down, more people rent, and there is often a shortage of good rental properties on the market. While renting is not the ideal scenario for developers, it is a tried-and-true way to make mortgage payments on properties you own and get some extra cash every month in the bargain.

Profits can still be made in a slow market.
People make the mistake of thinking that if the housing market is slow, they won't be able to sell the house they just renovated and they'll be stuck with mortgage payments. Can this happen? I won't lie – it can, and does, happen. But it happens to people who don't educate themselves first, the ones who make bad budgeting and renovation decisions.

Renovation properties are ALWAYS a good investment, even in a slow market, because if you negotiate a good price, YOU MAKE MONEY THE DAY YOU CLOSE!

Here's a little-known truth about the real estate market: people are always buying.

And a home that's priced fairly and move-in ready is more attractive to buyers in a down economy because they don't have the extra income to spend on renovations. Plus, not many buyers will even consider a fixer-upper when buying a home, so there's no comparison. You're taking a home that the average seller wouldn't consider and putting it on the map, so to speak, creating a desirable property that's new to the market.

As with any other business project, knowing all the costs of renovating and selling a property and being prepared to handle those costs means you will continue to make money regardless of the housing market. It might take a little more time and planning than in a seller's market, but the big profits are still to be had if you know what you're doing.

That's where Renovation Blueprint comes in! Not only do we teach you how to make the right renovation choices so you don't price yourself out of the market or blow your budget, we also teach you all the real estate tricks to negotiating a good price and what you need to do to realize a quick sale.

Order Renovation Blueprint today for the best price!

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I'll say it again – you don't have to learn the hard way! I've already made the mistakes, and I can show you how to avoid them. Why would you choose to struggle when you don't have to? This course puts you on the fast-track to acquiring wealth through real estate investment.

Any concerns you have, any questions about how to do something, all will be addressed in this program. Renovation Blueprint teaches you everything you need to know to start your business the right way!

Here's a more detailed look of what you'll learn:

  • Cosmetic versus structural renovations
  • Renovating to sell or rent and why each is very different
  • How much to spend on renovation and the system I've used for years
  • Advantages to renovating your own property
  • How long a renovation should take and how to streamline the process
  • How to have some renovations take less than 48 hours and still add massive value

  • How to find properties that match your budget
  • Properties that are ripe for renovating and how to find where they are hiding
  • Research techniques for suburb due diligence (this is important)
  • Finding out what buyers want from a property and how to satisfy that demand

  • How to evaluate property values
  • Understanding the tricks to property research and why it's important
  • Checklists that you must follow before buying ANY property to avoid costly mistakes
  • What renovation projects cost the least and add the most value
  • Strategies to instantly know if a property has renovation potential
  • Renovation estimates - calculating profit potential and a how much project is worth
  • How to start in the Find, Renovate, Sell business with little or no money

  • Getting the best deal from the real estate agents and little-known ways to negotiate
  •  Secrets to finding the best deals and massively undervalued homes
  • Strategies to finding homes that are not even advertised for sale,  approaching the home owners, and getting them to sell to you
  • The art of submitting offers and structuring deals made easy
  • Getting financing and how to get banks wanting to lend you money
  • Strategies to finding good architects that enable a quick and speedy project (that gets pushed through the local council)

  • Learn about permits, licensing, and hiring contractors
  • Learn how to deal with local councils, government agencies, and home owners' association rules
  • How to manage your renovating costs and ensure quality control
  • Onsite safety and protecting yourself from accidents, lawsuits, and OHS violations
  • Secrets to creating a 'tradie dream team'
  • How to best project manage tradies to ensure they turn up and do the work
  • Getting the best quotes from tradies
  • Secrets to finding builders and working with them on a long-term basis
  • How to source renovation supplies and getting the best price from these outlets

  • Making a great first impression to potential buyers when selling your property
  • Selling real estate at certain times of the year and how this impacts your profits
  •  Selling your property by 'auction' or 'for sale' and which is better for your situation
  • Strategies for maximizing the sales price or rental return
  • Secrets to getting real estate agents to work for YOUR best interests
  • How to sell your property FAST and stand out from the competition

As you can see, Renovation Blueprint is the ultimate guide
to success in the property renovation business.

ORIGINALLY $197, NOW FREEAlso included with this audio program are extensive workbooks that follow each file so you can listen and follow along, making notes and bookmarking things you'll need to refer to again. I normally sell these workbooks at my seminars for $197 each, but for this online offer, I'll send them along with your file set ABSOLUTELY FREE!




I believe so strongly in my product, I guarantee it. You can look at all the files, see the quality of the information I give you, and if you don't think it's worth the $1497 price, you can send it back. I'll refund your money, no hassles. I'm not trying to scam anyone or give people false hope. You really CAN make money renovating and selling properties! I've done it, and so have millions of other people. You just have to know how to do the proper renovations – that's the key.

So, here's the legal stuff:  If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will be happy to accept a return for up to 30 days from the purchase date for a full refund. Products must be in the condition you received them and include the original packing slip. We highly recommend you return the product using a tracking number. All transactions are conducted in Australian Dollars (AUD) and no adjustment for changes in foreign exchange rates will be made.

You have my personal guarantee that by purchasing Renovation Blueprint there is
NO RISK TO YOU. Love it or get your money back. It's that simple.

Okay, so it's up to you now. The opportunity is real. The right tools are being offered. All you have to do choose. Choose success. Choose freedom. The old 9-to-5 paradigm doesn't work in today's world where companies do NOT reward loyalty. Choose a new way to make money and live a more meaningful life.  Stop waiting for the answer! It's right in front of you! You just have to act. There's no time like now.

ORDER Renovation Blueprint TODAY

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get started making massive profits finding, renovating, and selling real estate!

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There's one last thought I want to share with you. While I make very good money renovating properties, the money isn't why I do it. I do it for my son. I want to be able to spend time with him, and to have a business I can share with him when he gets older – a legacy I guess.

That's also the reason I'm willing to share my secrets with you – I know how valuable family is, and how important it is to live a life you enjoy! For every one of us who creates a better life for ourselves and our children, it makes the world that much better of a place. I've also experienced the joy of revitalizing a neighborhood by fixing up a distressed home, and that makes me love my work.

So there you have it. Family, money, lifestyle, job satisfaction, and community. That's the dream, isn't it? I truly hope you enjoy your future in the renovation business and every wonderful thing it has to offer.

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