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May 12, 2013
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Small Kitchen Design Tips It’s always a challenge to renovate a kitchen. This is because ans, small appliances, etc. Toss or give away the things you seldom use.

Make it appear larger with clever use of color and light, as well as with good design. Natural light with a skylight or larger window can make it seem brighter. Using horizontal lines can draw the eye outward. This will visually lengthen your kitchen. Using light colors will make your kitchen appear larger.

A few other ideas for the kitchen include:

  • Use drawers instead of doors in your kitchen or run wall cabinets to the ceiling to increase your storage space.
  • A smaller sink or a pullout countertop will give you more counter space
  • Use smaller than the 600mm standard measurement for dishwashers and stove tops.
  • Use wall space for hanging racks
  • Glass fronted cabinets and shelving appear visually lighter than full door cabinets.
  • Reduce your sauce pans and fry pans to free cupboards


When renovating your kitchen, you’ll need a plan. They are difficult due to modular cabinetry coming in so many variable heights, widths and depths. Still, you don’t need complicated computer programs or much design knowledge to make a plan for it. You still just need graph paper. Here are the steps:

  1. Draw a base scale plan of the kitchen to scale by measuring walls and drawing lines on graph paper. Be sure to indicate windows with a double line and doors with an arc to show how they open.
  2. Draw a design for kitchen cabinetry on another sheet of graph paper. Each square should equal the same scale as the main graph. If it’s a base cabinet that is 500mm wide by 500mm deep by 500mm high, you can only replicate the depth and width on paper. It’s still worth doing in spite of limitations.
  3. Use scissors and cut out the individual pieces of floor cabinetry. Move them around on the piece of paper to get an idea of how your floor cabinets will work. Decide if a u-shape, l-shape or galley layout more effective for your space. You’ll need space for the oven and dishwasher to open, so allow for that without blocking internal pathways.
  4. You need a little more planning for overhead cabinets. You can still cut out the overhead cabinets and color them to demarcate the floor and overhead and tall cabinets.
  5. You can also play around with cabinet shapes and sizes to form islands, galley layouts, l-shape or u-shape layouts and figure out which works best in your kitchen.
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