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Jun 13, 2013
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Tips for Renovating your Kitchen

Renovating can give your kitchen a fresh, new look and help it better serve your needs. Here are a few tips to help in your home renovation:

  • Design

Tone— you need to decide the ambience of the room. Do you want it: bright and light or sultry and moody. Neutrals such as all-white, chalk or pale grey never go out of fashion. They can make a small room seem super-spacious. Dark tones make a strong impact, and have become a popular option.

Color and texture— These need to harmonize in the kitchen, so try putting together a mood board before the renovation starts. On white poster board, stick on all the color and surface swatches. Include paint, tiles, veneer and flooring.

Where to start— it can be hard to the design your new kitchen. Start by writing a list of features you like and dislike about your existing kitchen. This will help your new design take shape.

Classic Triangle— when putting together a kitchen layout, the classic “triangle” is the core of the design. Main working areas such as cook top/oven, or refrigerator and sink, have to be positioned at three sides of a triangle. This will make cooking and cleaning easier.

  • Building basics considerationsConsider the time— A kitchen renovation can take a one-day, two-weeks, or even more, depending on the amount of work involved. Make arrangements to stay with family or friends during that time, because dirt, dust and noise are impossible to avoid.

Tight budget options— a flat-pack kitchen is hard to beat for budget renovations. The latest ranges have flexibility, and even an awkwardly shaped kitchen can utilize every inch. You can put together a brand new kitchen in one or two days with easy instructions.

Busy homeowners— a kitchen company can make your life easier. They can guide you on the layout, design, materials, appliances, demolition and installation. For a stress-free renovation, find an expert team to guide you.

  • Cabinet ConsiderationsFast, budget renovations— a quick, cost-saving fix-me-up, is replacing doors and/or counter tops. It can transform your kitchen.
  • Height considerations— a tall cook spends a lot of time in the kitchen, so consider raising a few centimeters on the counter top. This can help avoid an aching back. The standard height is approximately 900mm. It can be lifted as high as 1000mm by adjusting your kickboards or counter thickness.
  • Old cabinets— If cabinets and drawers are looking a little worn, an easy fix up is replacing old handles and knobs with the new designs.
  • Storage NeedsIsland combinations— Consider installing an island counter with built-in cabinets and drawers on both sides of the unit. This gives plenty of room to store small appliances, cookbooks and rarely used kitchenware.

Cabinet/drawer replacements— Consider replacing cabinets with drawers makes it easier to reach all kitchen items. Extra-deep drawers are good to store pots, pans and small appliances. Shallow units store cutlery and utensils.

Corner options— A corner cupboard used to be a space waster. New designs solve this dilemma by maximizing every square inch. There are various corner options, such as lazy susans, bi-fold doors and dual-access doors.

Item accumulation— When designing a kitchen layout, include storage to accumulate more items through the years. Add a few extra drawers and cabinets.

  • DetailsEssentials— Don’t forget the small essentials in the design of the layout. Figure out where you’ll position lights, power points and a phone
  • jack.Atmosphere— A pendant light positioned over a counter top can act as a focal point of the room and add atmosphere.

Bins— Add single, double or triple bins of varying capacities to make it easy to separate recycled and general items.

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