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Tips To Make Your Home Safer For Elderly Parents

Thinking of making changes in your house so your elderly parents will be more comfortable living with you? Then the tips that are detailed in the article below will certainly be of immense use to you. There are lots of things that you can to do ensure your house is safer for elders. You need to be aware of their special needs and make changes that will help you to care for the precious ones who once cared for you.

Light It Up

You need to be aware of the importance of lighting in a house that is occupied by adults. Not many of them will feel comfortable walking around in a dimly lighted house. So you have to ensure that there is proper lighting in the house. Get the help of an expert when doing this if you want. You will have to make sure the bathrooms, the hallways, the kitchen, dining area as well as the staircases are brightly lit so that your parents will be able to walk around confidently in the house. Make sure you have the switches of the lights in areas that are quite easy to find as well so they will have no trouble lighting up the rooms by themselves when they need it.

Lock Up

Safety from the outside is just as important as taking safety precautions on the inside of your home. So to make the home as safe as possible from outside intruders make sure you have security screens on windows and doors. You will find that most often thieves are opportunists. So even making extra efforts to ensure you have great privacy from onlookers by using a company like ABCO Building for Outdoor and Indoor Blinds or Plantation Shutter. By blocking their view you can discourage the potential thieves from ever seeing the shiny object that will take their eyes.

Move Their Possessions to the Ground Floor

Not many elderly people are confident climbing stairs by themselves. If your parents are at an age that makes it impossible for them to climb stairs you can make sure that their possessions and belongings are shifted to the ground floor so they will not have to climb the stairs several times a day. You have to also have strong handrails in place so they will be able to support themselves when they climb the stairs. Get the help of a leading home solutions expert like when you are redesigning the staircase so that it will be easy for your parents to climb.

Make the Bathroom Safe

The bathroom is a place sees quite a number of accidents. You have to ensure that the bathroom that your parents use is safe for them at all times. The floors have to be dry always and you must also scrub the floor periodically to remove the residue of soap and other slippery substances. Make sure there are railings near the toilet too so they will be able to support themselves easily. Place absorbent rugs near the shower cubicle as well as the wash basin so that water will not remain on the tiled floor, creating a hazard.

Check the Fire Alarms

Make sure you check all your fire alarms to ensure everything is working properly. If your parents are living alone in the house you have to do periodic checks of the fire alarms so you will always know if they are working or not.

Hope the tips that are detailed in the article above will help you to make your precious dwelling more and more comfortable for your dear parents. They have done their part keeping you safe throughout your childhood and now it is your turn to return the favour!

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