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May 21, 2013
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To Repair or Replace Thats the questionIf something isn’t performing properly, it’s always a tough decision whether to replace or repair. Here are a few tips to help.

  • Windows and Doors- If they are made of timber and a carpenter can easily repair or add a new seal, then repair them. If they are made of metal you can’t repair corrosion, so you should replace.

    Air leaks in windows and doors add to your home’s heating and cooling costs. Weather stripping windows and doors is one repair that gives them longevity. Installing those using timber can be an advantage of timber, because it is easily repaired. Aluminum and metal will require replacement due to corrosion. A good solid-wooden exterior door should last as the lifetime of the home.

  • Appliances- If they are less than five years old, you should repair them. If you can offset the cost with future energy savings, you should replace with a newer model.

    Replacing hot water systems, heaters, and air-conditioners may be expensive, but replacing any of those items that are over five years old save you money in future energy use.

  • Bathroom Items- If you can re-grout and it makes a difference, then repair. If you have loose tiles, cracked tiles, or waterproofing in bad shape, you should replace.

    Bleach-soaked toothbrushes to the mildewed grout aren’t always the best answer. Mold will come back. This could indicate a more serious problem below the surface. Water can build and destroy base walls.

  • Wiring- If you have a circuit board with a safety switch installed, you should repair it. If you have cotton wiring or wiring over 20 years old, replace it.

    If you keep blowing a fuses or circuits, the next time you call out the electrician ask what you should do about it. It could be an inexpensive matter.

    If there is no electrical safety switch in place, it means wiring could accidentally electrocute people in the house and is also illegal. Wiring older than 30 years can become brittle and gradually breaking away. This will need immediate attention. Wiring can become so difficult to get to unless you have excellent roof or under-floor access. It is often difficult to determine how extensive the required repairs will be. If you have a good electrician look at your wiring, they will give you advice. Still, you should be prepared to replace it. When it comes to being a safety issue, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    Not everyone can afford expensive repairs or replacements. When they’re necessary, you just have to explore your options. If a replacement will be better in the long run, you should find a way to reduce your budget to allow for the repair. Sometimes, replacing could even be cheaper than a repair. In that case, you’ll probably want to replace it even if a repair would be sufficient.

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