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May 18, 2013
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Trendy Lighting Options It doesn’t matter what type of lighting you’re looking for, from chic chandeliers to industrial-style lamps, it is difficult not to be dazzled by the latest trendy lights currently on the market.

There are so many options available. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to styles, sizes and prices.

Here are a few of the trendy lighting options:

  • Pendant Lights- Ultra-modern pendant lights are high on the list of current style choices. They are made of various materials, such as glass , metal, and acrylic and these sculptural works provide dramatic illumination for almost any room. You can find oversized drum shades that are swathed in rich floral and strong geometric fabrics which add sheer elegance to a room.Chandeliers are also making a comeback on the style scene. Both the classic crystal and modern takes on the classic design are equally popular.

  • Natural Designs- The use of natural materials, such as textured earthy fabrics and natural timber, have been appearing on the design lists. The elements work extremely well with pendant lights and floor lights. Their curve-like shapes and organic tones are very similar to the Scandinavian style.You can use natural style pendant lights above a kitchen bench or look just as good for a sumptuous timber-based bed.

  • Industrial Style Chic- A lighting style that draws inspiration from classic New York warehouse lofts is the more industrial-style look. This type of lighting gives a utilitarian look. It has a sturdy metal base and angled joints in a matt-black finish sum up the style.These industrial works look fantastic in home offices or above a dining table, and are ideal as a desk lamp or floor light,.

  • Outdoor lighting- Living, dining and relaxing outside doesn’t end after dusk for many families around the world. Because of this, the latest outdoor wall and garden lights are perfect for al fresco meals and cooking on the grill, while solar lighting provides excellent illumination for pathways and driveways. Outdoor lighting can be both sturdy and stylish,.Solar rechargeable lights are now affordable and decorative. Some look like glowing candles and are just as beautiful scattered around the courtyard as they are on an outdoor dining table.

  • Energy saving- During the “Go Green” revolution, energy saving is undoubtedly the buzzword in the lighting industry. Families across the world have embraced this new direction.The traditional incandescent bulb is quickly being replaced with modern options. These include mainly compact fluorescent lights that use around 80 per cent less electricity and last around eight times longer. They are a simple choice that can help you do your part to save the planet.

  • Futuristic vision- LED lighting is starting to revolutionize the lighting scene. Though it is still a relatively new concept, it is becoming very popular. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. This type of lighting is ultra efficient, ultra long life replacement globes.Designers will start creating works of wonder using LED bulbs as integral parts of the fitting in lighting in the near future. LED is the way of the future, so right now the price is still relatively high.
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